For people looking for a wonderful, cheap experience of eating and drinking in Mumbai, they can have their taste buds burnt at the Mithai restaurant. It is located at Borivali, near Pune’s commercial hub. Mithai Restaurant is a famous fast food restaurant which offers you mouth watering delights. If you are a food lover, you will love having your fill of the mouth-watering dishes served here.

There are numerous other restaurants of the same brand which are equally good but this is one of the oldest and the most famous brands of Indian restaurants. They have various branches in Mumbai and even from far off states too. So, if you too want to experience the goodness of this restaurant, you can either stop by directly or even make a call to the store and order the desired dish. All you have to do is pay whatever is left on your card as special offer items like 1 liter water or biscuit is also available with this restaurant.

However, if you are hungry and want to satisfy your appetite immediately, then the nearby Mithai restaurant is always open for your needs. The restaurant is situated at Pantaloon flyover and you can also get some great shopping deals and gifts on your way back. Even if you are not in the mood for any kind of fresh food, you can sit inside and enjoy the television show being watched by you and the other customers. The staffs here are so warm and friendly, and they make you feel at home every time you visit them.